‘Petite Surprise’ or Farmers’ Market Fair Trade Sunday

Maybe you would like to know (if not, skip)
What I did for & on Farmers’ Market Fair Trade Day.

I worked into wee hours for easystands,
Very first ones in my life:

One for Fair Trade,
10 Reasons to Support,

One for Fair-and-Healthy, FMIR,
An ad banner long due,

One for Kablon Farms,
A delightful Fair Trade supplier.

easystand_10-reasons_revised_g.jpg  easystand_fair-and-healthyfmir_cheng_g.jpg  easystand_kablon_final_g.jpg

A mini presentation of some principles,
A few highlights on mission near impossible.

And for Farmers’ Market recipe,
The following, from FM of Fair-and-Healthy:

An easy-to-prepare healthy snack,
So HK fastfood people won’t pull back.

In VCO brown Coco Flour and oat flakes,
(The same mixture can be used for cakes)

When cool, add Cacao Nibs and mix.
To serve, wrap a morsel in a lettuce leaf.

coco-flour_big.jpg  cacao-nibs_g.jpg

But this invention almost got stillborn.
My dear ones all said: watch out for thorns.

Perhaps it was no good idea after all.
No good banging my head against the wall …

But, a surprise awaited me on Sunday morning:
Farmers’ Market colleagues found it inviting!

More surprise came with Shuk-yee’s serving:
In mini dixie cups the wraps looked great!

Surprising taste and in this wrapping …
(Lettuce leaves are meant for sticky rice)

But the crowd surprised me: they wanted more!
So ‘Petite Surprise’ my invention is now called.



Then came enlightenment
From a Fair-and-Healthy fan:

This taste is not that strange, he said
Nor is the combination unusual.

In a faraway land named Egypt,
They serve something called ‘dukkah.

A dry mixture of chopped nuts,
Spices and seeds and seasoning …

Which gives me a new idea nice
‘Surprise’ with Turmeric, our Panay Fair Trade spice

[A big THANK YOU to dear Scott Turner!]


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