How We Started 第一步

18.12.2005, the last ‘Down Down WTO Day’ in Hong Kong, was an important day …


In this article written for HK Oxfam Magazine 2006 No. 2, Fanny-Min Becker tells you how she started this Fair-and-Healthy ‘business’ almost by accident and how she is sticking to it with intent.

You can read more about Fair-and-Healthy in a feature story by Cheung Mei for Hong Kong Economic Times, 3rd May 2007.

Fair-and-Healthy 的開始

2005年底世貿會議期間, Fanny-Min Becker (亞敏) 偶然在「公平貿易展」發現菲律賓的健康食品,又認識了菲律賓公平貿易組織核心人物,並相約共同參與加反世貿大遊行。遊行前等候隊伍開動的數小時,聽完一個又一個亞洲農民血淚故事Fanny-Min 毅然決定推動公平貿易健康食品,于 2006 年創辦  Fair-and-Healthy ,由其一人公司 FMIR (FM International Resources)  資助營運,與夥伴 Stephen Ma (亞文) 推介健康食品,並向消費者講解公平貿易知識。

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  1. Steve Learmouth said,

    Fanny-Min Becker, you are one special lady. Keep up the good work. The world is a poorer place the minute you slow down.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Fanny-Min said,

    Thanks for your timely support, dear Steve.

    The Fair Trade path is stony
    My old shoes have worn out

    Am treading on



  3. Winnie Ng said,


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