New Arrival 新貨到

certified 歐盟  美國  日本  有機認證 organic
super yummy 超可口  勁健康 super healthy
zillion 千百種食用法 usages

Obligatory Price Adjustment :-( 價格不得不調整了

Organic Pure Coco Milk  有機純椰奶
Yummy yummy yum  其味無窮

BUT this crazy rise in Cost & Freight  但是成本運費瘋狂地漲
SO we are selling them no more  所以我們不再賣了

Other products we’ll try our best to go on promoting  其他產品我們會盡力繼續推廣
If you dears are ready to embrace  如果您們願意支持我們
Our obligatory price adjustment  不得不作出的價格調整
From  2011.06.05  開始

Courtesy of Judy Leung

FM & Stephen
:) :)

At long last — ORGANIC COCONUT MILK 有機椰奶 — 終于到了


182 days waiting
(102 + 57) x email exchange
With supplier and forwarder


Organic Coco Milk
At long last
Blissful match for Tablea
Our Pure Cacao Tablets

No preservatives
No added sugar
No added starch

Gentle sweetness
Rich aroma
100% Natural

Made from organic coconuts
Grown by community farmers
In Sri Lanka


Our cans got stranded
On their way to Hong Kong
Via Singapore from Colombo

Halfway they asked us
If we had import licence
For this MILK product of ours

Fair-and-Healthy ventures:
Hardly a day goes by
Without un-programmed FUN